How to download and store your digital images

Here is an easy step by step guide to downloading and storing your files.

Let's make sure you keep them safe and backed up for the future.

Step 1.

Open your gallery from the email we sent

Step 2.

Click the download button in the top right hand corner.

It looks like an arrow pointing down

Step 3.

When your images have downloaded save them somewhere safe on your computer

Step 4.

Backup your images on to another device or cloud service. 


I clicked download but I can't find where they are?

When you click download it may automatically go to your downloads folder.

It likely has downloaded as a folder with all your images inside.

How do I get them out the zipped folder?

When you open the zipped folder you will see all your images, simply drag and drop them to another folder where you wish them to be stored.

If you're unsure

We suggest making a new folder on your desktop titled as your shoot and drag them into that folder

Can I get them on my phone?

Yes! You can download them from the link to your phone, you may want to download the 'web res' images as they are smaller files and wont take up too much space

How can I get them printed?

If you are ordering prints online from a printing website you will simply be able to upload the files to their site when requested.

If you are going into a printing shop you can put the images on to a USB drive to make them portable or email them to the shop if the shop allows that.

If you are looking for a top quality Fine Art Print of your images you can get in touch and we can sort out printing from our own lab. We always do reduced print pricing when you have purchased the digital files.

Why back them up?

If your device broke down you know you have the images somewhere else and have not lost anything

Don't you keep them?

We do keep all ordered images, however it is your responsibility to keep your digital files safe and make sure you have multiple copies. If your loose your images we will of course send over the files again for you. However we do not guarantee that we will have your images on file forever. 

What do you recommend to use to back up the images?

We suggest using Google Drive or Dropbox so the images are on a cloud system.

It's really easy to make an account and you can log in from all your devices.