Heartbeat hero's

Recently I had the honour of photographing four strong, beautiful and unstoppable girls. Georgia, Ellie, Sienna and Olivia. Four friends who have all known each other since they were babies, they share an incredible bond. These four beautiful girls all share the same struggle, they all have congenital heart defects. They have all had open heart surgery and will require lifelong care, many more surgeries and struggle with other health condition's.

Three of the girls will also need a heart transplant when they are older. All the girls are under the amazing care of the Leeds Heart unit, this is where they first met when they were all going through open heart surgery for the first time.

"Our relationship means the world to us, nobody else really understands what we go through" - Georgia

The girls keep in touch all the time, and are so supportive throughout each others doctor visits and surgeries.

"The photo shoot was so much fun and the images will be treasured forever" - Rachel

Photographing these beautiful characters was a joy, what an amazing group of optimistic young lady's. The bond was obvious and to capture their friendship reminds me of why I do this job! This job is not a job, it is an artistry, creating images that tell each persons story, their strength and their beauty!

Check out the rest of the shoot below