Artist Spotlight - Lucy Bendelow

I think someone needs to tell our apprentice photographer that we are just emerging from a pandemic! The amount that she has achieved in the last year is a little bit ridiculous.

As she is starting to photograph crawling babies and toddlers, I think now is the perfect time to introduce her formally to the world! Lucy is just 19 and is currently working towards her Apprenticeship in Customer Service and her Licentiate with The Master Photographer’s Association. All whilst working full time in our studio. Her quick progression with newborn photography has led her to take on even more tiny clients including those who are able to move around more and cause even more mischief, opening up a whole new side to her photography!

It’s not just us who have noticed Lucy’s achievements. She has recently won the Most Improved in the monthly Up and Coming competition held by the Master Photographer’s Association, TWICE!! The chairman himself has even commented on how skilled her images are and how she is progressing fabulously towards her goal of gaining Licentiateship. She is really finding her way in the industry and is getting noticed.

For a year that has been anything but normal, Lucy has really pushed the boat out, achieving so much in such a short amount of time she had grown so much and is on such an exciting journey. We cannot wait to see what she achieves next!