How to prepare a shy child for a photo shoot

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

It can be hard to prepare any child for something they do not know, especially if your child is shy. It is important the experience is a good one and something they end up loving. At Wild Berry we make sure every child is comfortable and relaxed, we don't force a smile or a pose, we let them be entirely themselves. I personally think a simple timid stare can be the most beautiful honest photograph of that child. Here are some tips on preparing a shy child for a shoot.


To help them feel ready for the shoot try to include them in the preparations. Looking at their clothing options, let them pack something they want to pack to feel included. Make it a game to find all the right photogenic colours in their wardrobe. See if they can put together three looks they love.


Look at our website and social media sites. Show them the images, find out what they like, what styles they would want to do.

You can send this information over to us too and we can be prepared to do some shots they will love.


Let them choose something to bring along that makes them feel comfortable. Maybe a favourite teddy, or new toy. Maybe a blanket or just their new sparkly shoes. Don't worry if you don't want this in the images. Your photographer will know what to do to let them hold the item and keep it out of shot


Remember we are professionals, we are used to all sorts of personalities and it is OUR job to make your child comfortable and relaxed. You have nothing to worry about we will take care of everything. Any concerns just get in touch with us and we will help the best we can

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