It's not about you!

A family portrait is not about you. It is not about looking right, or smiling perfectly or even all getting along that day. A family portrait is an honest freeze frame from your life now. It is a heirloom to pass down to your children, and their children, to say I WAS HERE! It is for your children to look back on and say 'Look, that's my beautiful mum!'

To often I hear 'Oh not me just the kids' or 'I am not photogenic'. Well this is me officially telling you all, that you're wrong. Everyone is photogenic with a professional photographer, and when your children look back at the portrait of you, they don't see the laughter lines you hate, or the tummy your trying to hide, or any of the things you drag yourself down about. Your children see their beautiful loving mother, a familiar happy face, that makes them feel warm inside. This is why a portrait is so important.

This stunning family image, shot by Stephanie, won a highly commended ribbon from the Master photographer association

A family is one strong unit, that looks after each individual inside. A family portrait is an expression of your team, your support, your bond. I personally believe that a family portrait is one of the most important events in your calendar year. It is time to reflect, look at how much has happened in a year, how much they have grown, learnt, and blossomed into the amazing people they are today. A family portrait is forever.