If we experience any issues, for example with equipment, or children will not settle, on the day we will offer a better date and time and rebook your shoot with no problems.


We ask that where possible, only the participants of the shoot attend. Adults are required to accompany under 18s, however large numbers can be a distraction and are discouraged.
If you decide to add participants to the shoot please notify us in sufficient time as we may have to make changes to the studio and/or adjust time slots. We might not always be able to accommodate these changes.


Each shoot is unique and we take a bespoke approach. If you have any expectations or requests you need to make your photographer aware at the beginning of your shoot. For example “ We only like Black and White images”


Please contact us prior to your shoot if you have any special requirements, medical needs or disabilities. We will do our best to make special arrangements or studio adjustments.


We understand that things come up and you may have to move your appointment. We ask you give us as much notice as possible, in some situations however we may have to take action. 

In the event you are late for your appointment we may not be able to go ahead with you shoot. Shoots that are 5 to 10 minutes late may be able to go ahead but it will cut into your time. Shoots over 20 minuets late will have to be cancelled and rebooked for another time.
In the event you do not show up for your appointment we will attempt to contact you. You will be welcomed to rebook your appointment but you may lose any free products or discount that was attached to your shoot.
In the event you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your shoot time you are welcome to rebook, but may lose any free products or discount that was attached to your booking.
In the event an appointment is repeatedly moved or cancelled we reserve the right to refuse future booking, or limit booking to off peak times.


All booking must be made by persons over 18. They are then responsible for permission for under 18s to be involved in the shoot.



The person who booked the shoot, and who's name the shoot is booked under, must give permission before we can let any third party view or order from the shoot. For example, if we got an unexpected enquiry from a Grandparent regarding images, we will need permission from the named of the person who booked the shoot to let them access the images. The shoot name holder may send the image for viewing as they wish, providing they abide by our copyright rules.



The copyright to all images remain indefinitely with Steve Howdle LTD trading as (Wild Berry Photography). The images may be reproduced by the studio for publication, exhibition, display, competition or other promotional purposes.

Permission is not required from shoot attendees as we hold the copyright to reproduce. However we respect your decision and if you wish for you images not to be used we will mark your shoot accordingly. Permission will not be requested before we use the images therefore the responsibility lies with the client to inform us of their wishes from the outset.
Any legal reasons why images should not be used (I.e adoption etc) must be declared to the studio prior to your shoot. 

If you opt out of your images being used by Wild Berry, please note that although we keep the files for a duration of time we may look to discard your larger file for storage reasons at some point. Therefore please inform us at the time of order if you think you may wish to make further orders from the shoot at a later date.



Please see our below link to our Privacy policy